Chicken automated tests

Here you can find daily results for automated tests executed for the development version of Chicken and all its eggs.

The tests are performed by Salmonella using a fresh clone of the Chicken core sources on a chroot environment which contains external libraries and tools required to build most eggs. Salmonella runs the build process for the chicken core sources and use the freshly-built compiler to install all the latest released egg versions from the repository.

Here are the results, organized by branch in the Chicken core repository, C compiler, operating system, hardware platform and date (YYYY/MM/DD):

master, gcc, linux, x86

master, clang, freebsd, x86-64

master, gcc, macosx, x86-64

prerelease, gcc, linux, x86

Each daily-generated directory contains the following files and directories:

Feeds for eggs

If you want to be notified when some egg breaks, you can subscribe to the egg feeds. They are updated when the the daily testing process fails.

Atom feeds are generated for:

If you have a Subversion account for the eggs repository, you can create a custom file for you which summarizes the status for all the eggs you want to follow. Take a look at one of the custom files under the salmonella-custom-feeds directory. The custom feed files are generated for: